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Executive Housekeepers & House Managers

  • Full time, live-in or live-out
  • Responsible for the day to day running of a large house
  • Maintaining high standard of housekeeping
  • Light household duties, household accounts, shopping, florist orders, errands
  • General household maintenance
  • Liaison with tradesmen for repairs and maintenance
  • Hiring and training and supervision of other staff such as housekeeper, cleaner, gardener etc.

Live-in Housekeepers & Live-in Couples

  • Similar to Executive Housekeepers and House Manager, but living in
  • All expenses, meals and accommodation included in salary
  • Usually provided with separate accommodation including bedroom, living, kitchen and bath
  • Usually work 8-10 hours daily and entitled to two consecutive days off in any seven day period


  • Menu planning
  • Food preparation
  • Cooking
  • Supervising any other kitchen staff


Estate Managers

  • Responsible for running large households and grounds: gardening and other staff and contractors
  • Ensuring house is maintained to high standard
  • Budgets, payment of staff wages, expenses, hiring and training staff
  • Scheduling regular maintenance of household equipment and vehicles
  • Project management for improvements, purchases


  • Usually full time, live-in or live-out
  • Responsible for smooth running of household, household accounts, liaison with tradespeople for repairs and maintenance
  • Supervision of other household staff
  • May carry fire arm license and assume role in security

Drivers & Chauffeurs

  • Responsible for safely driving children to and from school, family members to and from their place of business
  • Also takes care of cleaning and mechanical maintenance of vehicles




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